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Who we are and our mission

Knatural Knits and Designs, like many other small businesses and hobby farms is a labor of love.

After many years of owning and operating Handspuns, Mohair, Etc at Shaggy Shagbark Acres, we closed the shop and sold the animals due to time constraints with our “real jobs”.

Here I am many years later, in a new location on my Great Grandparents’ farm.  I have angora rabbits, just a handful and, of course, some checkered giants and chickens.

I call my place “Nanie’s Nirvana”, since after moving to town, it feels a bit like heaven to be back in the country and close to my family’s dairy farm.  

The emphasis of our shop this go-round is more with finished product, but we will still be carrying fibers. They will be locally sourced, just not grown at our hobby farm.  

We believe firmly in sustainable earth.  The milk for our soaps is from my family’s dairy farm.  The market bags are from our feed bags and the feed bags from our dairy farm.  Our hens compost our garden.

Enjoy our site.  We love to answer any questions about our products and services.  Happy surfing and satisfied shopping.
Knatural Knits and Designs
1713 8th Street
Martin, MI  49070
We are always adding designs, new soap flavors, new fibers, new finished products, new patterns, and new bags from our repurposed feed bags.
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