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We finally made it!

Published by in New beginnings · 24 November 2017
After nearly a year of struggling with my web site software, I gave in a bought new software and viola!  We have a site.  Yes, yes, I know.  A little late is right.  today is black Friday, but there is still time before Christmas!

Check often!  We are always creating new products!  Just this week, we have created two new soap flavors:  Tea Tree Oil and an Unscented Beeswax, honey and oatmeal bar.  Yummy!

Watch our Facebook page and here where you can find our new products.

Knatural Knits and Designs
1713 8th Street
Martin, MI  49070
We are always adding designs, new soap flavors, new fibers, new finished products, new patterns, and new bags from our repurposed feed bags.
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