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It's Spring!?

Published by in New beginnings · 19 April 2018
Right?  It is spring?
We are in the upper midwest.  You can google maps where Martin, Michigan is.  If you have been on any social media you have seen our weatherman that made the Jimmy Kimmel show.  If you haven't seen the clip just Google:  Grand Rapids, Michigan weatherman rant.  You get the idea.  It is supposed to be Spring!

I've been a Michigander all my life.  We are pretty resilliant and optimistic about the weather.  If we weren't we would move.  This year even has the snowy owls hanging around longer because we are "South" to them.

What does all of this have to do with fibers and spinning and making soap?

We plan.  We plan for Spring.  We plan for lambs.  We plan for wool harvests.  We plan for [fill in the blank].  Life does not always happen by plan.  It has been my case that it usually doesn't.

I am in a new living situation, that I didn't plan on.  I have started my business back up, that I didn't plan on.  I have new fiber contacts that I didn't plan on.  I even have cats that I didn't plan on!

Here's spring a little later than we planned, but it will be here.  It has every year of my life that I can remember.  I am planning on it being a great summer with new products and new vision, maybe the reality will be even better than the plan!

Knatural Knits and Designs
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We are always adding designs, new soap flavors, new fibers, new finished products, new patterns, and new bags from our repurposed feed bags.
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